Weston, Kelsey, Jude Dude. The Day.

I vividly remember the day I met Weston and Kelsey. They probably don't know this, but they were my first couple as "Buenavictoria." And, as a new photographer, I was absolutely freaking out going into our consultation. That feeling of terror lasted about 30 seconds. It's tough not to enjoy yourself with these two.

Getting to know Weston and Kelsey over the last year has been...a lot of things. It's been so inspiring to learn about Kelsey and Jude and how a single mother was able to finish school, work a full-time job and raise about the cutest, sweetest, orneriest child imaginable. It's been a joy to get to put a personality to an old pick up basketball buddy, who I now know has a heart as good and pure as his jumper. But above all, this family has taught me so much about what real, raw, honest love looks like — in the way they treat each other and the way they opened their lives up to me.

Thank you, Weston, Kelsey and Jude Dude, for letting me be a part of your day. For believing in my art (probably more than I did when we first met.) And for your love for one another and everyone who comes across your path. It was truly an honor, and a day — a year — I'll never forget.

Nick GoodwinComment