Shelby and Mike — Engaged

If the long-locked country boy and his beautiful bride-to-be in these photos happen to look familiar, that's because this might not be the first romantic encounter you've seen between these two.

I'll elaborate.

Last March, Nebraska basketball faced Wisconsin in a matchup that was likely make or break for the NCAA Tournament hopes of the Huskers. If you know me, you know I was pretty hyped for this game. Little did I (or probably any fans) know, but Mike Peltz decided to kick off his senior night with something a little extra.

I'll let this video explain the rest.

It was a blast going back to western Nebraska to shoot with these two — well, three :).

Shelby and Mike have a deep, genuine love — for one another, their friends, family and, of course, their adorable daughter, Kingzlee. I can't wait to see the beautiful life they build together. As we all got to see, it started off pretty epically.