Morgan Rae

Here goes my best attempt to talk about this woman. I'm pretty crazy about her. I apologize in advance for the sappiness. Actually, no. No I don't.

Morgan is amazing. That word doesn't really mean much anymore. It's extremely watered down. It's easy and overused. But it's honestly the best word to describe her.

My favorite definition of the word amazing is "possessing uniquely wonderful qualities." Morgan is intelligent, funny, sweet, strong and very beautiful. She enjoys complex and wonderful things — many of which are of the non-human variety (plants, animals, biology, sciency stuff). And many of which I lack even the most rudimentary understanding. And though I've been lucky enough to know her deeply, every moment with her provides the realization that she, like her passions, is more complex and wonderful than I could ever have imagined. Infinitely more complex and wonderful than her favorite flowers. Or succulents. She really likes succulents.

This is Morgan. And she's amazing.