Mindee & Nick's Wedding

Since the first time I met Mindee, I knew she was someone I was going to love to argue with.

Mindee is one of my favorite people in the world. And a hugely enjoyable part of our relationship is the never ceasing friendly banter. It's very obvious that Mindee grew up around a bunch of dudes, because she can talk smack with the best. And that's one thing I absolutely love about Mindee.

She's also a listener, problem solver, go getter and a supporter of everything I've ever tried - including many a bold haircut. It's super cliche, but I really did think Nick was the one the very first time she mentioned him in one of our sometimes deep, mostly ridiculous haircut conversations. I remember it vividly. She didn't say much. She didn't go into detail. But she did the exact same smile you're about to see like a thousand times in these photos every time she said his name.

Nick Schleppenbach, you are a really awesome guy. You are loyal and sweet and driven and everything I could have ever asked for in a husband for my pretend sister. My only wish is that we got to hang out more. And I mean that sincerely and fully intend on forcing you to spend more time with me.

This wedding was awesome. These two families are fantastic, loving people. And this dance was a freaking riot.