Creative Direction, Photography, Cinematography


In short, the goal of this video is to connect with parents, students, faculty, alumni and prospectives to remind
them why St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church is a great place for a kid to get an education. But not only does
it provide an elite educational experience, it creates an environment for a child to grow as a person and grow
in his or her faith.

This school has a unique and special story to tell — from the voices of former students who've gone on to
achieve success elsewhere to the gifted faculty who spend their lives dedicating themselves to the betterment
of the educational system. I can personally say that the opportunity to learn and experience that story is
extremely exciting to me.

I have made a career out of matching a strategic ability to develop and tell relatable, well-composed stories
with a creative ability to find and showcase outstanding aesthetic with a camera. Additionally, my experience
as a professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has opened my eyes to the challenges, difficulties and
victories that the educational process presents. For those reasons, I believe I am the ideal candidate to help
you tell your story at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church.

Thank you and God bless.



• (2) Two hours of in-person (or phone call) meeting, planning, strategizing — $100
• (4) Four hours of detailed outline for storyline (scripting if necessary) — $200



• (1) One full day (or two half days) shooting primary footage — $1000
• (1) One full day (or two half days) shooting b-roll footage — $1000
• (4) Four hours design of delivery materials — $200



• (10) Ten hours editing/exporting/uploading — $500