Creative Direction, Photography, Cinematography

Stageman Underwear

Role - creative director, cinematographer, editor, designer, copywriter

Stageman Underwear is a new breed of high quality men's underwear. I was initially contracted to create a clever, fun Kickstarter video with "some possibility of virality." The Kickstarter video was a hit, nearly tripling the initial investment requirement. Since then, my role has been to transition the same irreverent, fun, masculine (but not macho) tone and feel to the design and copy of Stageman physical brand. Below the video is what has been developed so far.



Role - cinematographer, editor, motion designer, creative advisor

Introducing a sports technology product to a somewhat resistant and equally oversaturated market takes research and finesse. That said, Lockr is an innovative product with the audacious goal of revolutionizing the coaching world. My goal was to be aggressive, reaching early adopters with a fresh, futuristic look and feel.



Role - director, producer, cinematographer, editor

In short, Wizzi aims to be the uber of tutoring. Connecting with younger millennials requires authenticity, brevity and attention to detail. Introducing the brand and the product through clever, trendy videos proved to be a smart route.



Role - cinematographer, editor, creative advisor

opendorse is a social media sports company I've been fortunate enough to work with since its inception. This introductory video was used to introduce their brand to the market. We came up with a clever way to show off the simplicity and power of the platform, while simultaneously illustrating the fun and hip side of the brand.


Brand icon development - last action podcast

Role - designer, creative advisor

Creating icons is one of my favorite branding challenges. "Last Action Podcast" is a movie industry focused digital publication, and one of my more recent branding projects. As you'll see, the moniker "does it look cool on a shirt" is one of the best tests to the validity of an icon.


Role - cinematographer, editor

As part of a branding project, adidas hired photographer Wyn Wiley to create images for a number of prominent Husker sports programs. I was contracted to produce a video to document the process.


Omaha Steaks

Role - cinematographer, editor, creative advisor

Omaha Steaks creates a tremendous amount of digital content. I was contracted not just to create this piece, but to develop and streamline a process for their creative team to produce in-house videos with minimal set-up and gear required.



Role - director, producer, cinematographer, editor, motion designer (and shooting guard)

"Get Fit" is Complete Nutrition's fitness and nutrition themed blog created to connect their customers with relevant content to help them build a healthy lifestyle. In 14 months of writing for this online publication, I created 56 blogs, many of which also including custom photography, videography and design work.



Role - cinematographer, editor

This project was part of a larger storytelling effort for Ameritas through ad agency, Bailey Lauerman. My role was to execute the production of a series of videos for the "Fulfilling Life" series all meant to help humanize what had been perceived as a rather mundane brand.


Passion projects

Role - all of the above

Without creative ventures outside of commercial projects, any creative will quickly burn up. From choreography videos to feature length trailers to non-profit volunteer videos, I am constantly working on side projects to challenge myself.

Pitchburner UX/UI DESIGN


Superbowl 50 Illustration Designs


Adidas Ultraboost Campaign