Role - cinematographer, editor

As part of a branding project, adidas hired photographer Wyn Wiley to create images for a number of prominent Husker sports programs. I was contracted to produce a video to document the process.


Omaha Steaks

Role - cinematographer, editor, creative advisor

Omaha Steaks creates a tremendous amount of digital content. I was contracted not just to create this piece, but to develop and streamline a process for their creative team to produce in-house videos with minimal set-up and gear required.



Role - director, producer, cinematographer, editor, motion designer (and shooting guard)

"Get Fit" is Complete Nutrition's fitness and nutrition themed blog created to connect their customers with relevant content to help them build a healthy lifestyle. In 14 months of writing for this online publication, I created 56 blogs, many of which also including custom photography, videography and design work.



Role - cinematographer, editor

This project was part of a larger storytelling effort for Ameritas through ad agency, Bailey Lauerman. My role was to execute the production of a series of videos for the "Fulfilling Life" series all meant to help humanize what had been perceived as a rather mundane brand.


Passion projects

Role - all of the above

Without creative ventures outside of commercial projects, any creative will quickly burn up. From choreography videos to feature length trailers to non-profit volunteer videos, I am constantly working on side projects to challenge myself.